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How We Operate

Along with Goodwill, you can make the world a better place just by shopping. The simple (and rewarding!) act of cleaning out your closet can strengthen your community and help find jobs.

That’s because when you donate clothes, shoes, furniture, toys, games, books, DVDs, and even computers to Goodwill - you support our mission of helping make life better for families and people throughout the community.

We collect donated goods and household items and sell them in our stores throughout metropolitan Atlanta and North Georgia. We use the money from the proceeds to help fund our job training programs and employment services. In fact, we channel the vast majority of our total revenue directly into education, career services, and other critical community programs. 


We Develop Leaders

Getting involved is simple. When you donate goods or shop in our stores, your actions help put people to work. You can see the results of your actions every time you walk into a Goodwill Store. 

Next time you visit, take a look around. It's possible that some of the men and women you see working have come through our training programs - the very programs that your donations and purchases help support. 

Many go on to successful careers in our communities, while others spend a career with us, helping to change lives for the better. Some program participants even come to us for help starting their own businesses. Goodwill provides all kinds of services and options.  Your donations and purchases make these possible. Together, we develop our community and we develop leaders.