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Ethics Statement

As a recipient of charitable contributions, Goodwill of North Georgia, Inc. (GNG) recognizes its responsibility to ensure that donations and/or funds received are used to further its mission and to safeguard the assets of the corporation.

We believe that periodic review of our financial status by our Board of Directors is essential and an integral part of their duties.  We further recognize that an annual independent examination and assessment of our finances under the supervision of our Audit Committee is a key element in maintaining our credibility and ensuring the safeguarding of our assets.

In accordance with laws governing both profit and nonprofit corporations including the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, we have employee policies and procedures, which will encourage employees to report any financial improprieties.

Employee reports of improprieties are taken seriously and investigated promptly.  Employees bringing such reports will not be subject to retaliation or adverse action based on the disclosure of the complaint.