Request for Proposal: Website Re-platforming and Enhancement



Goodwill of North Georgia is a non-profit, donated goods business that serves individuals from 45 counties by providing services to help put people to work.  We provide job training and employment services to people who are having trouble finding work, want to change careers, or start their own business.  With our support, jobseekers overcome employment hurdles caused by physical, emotional and developmental disabilities, limited job skills, poverty and other challenges.
As we continue to grow, we recognize the importance of maintaining a strong website presence ( to our 30,000+ monthly website visitors. We also know that our website serves as a gatekeeper to our myriad of services (stores, donation centers, career centers, facility services, etc).
This assignment is to help us move our website to a more relevant, scalable CMS platform with responsive design and enhance design/UX in a few key areas on the site.

Please view our RFP for project details.

Please contact Nicole McIntosh at  with questions or proposals.

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Request for Proposal: Website Re-platforming and Enhancement

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