Sponsor a Program

Sponsor a Career Center Training Program

Corporations, government agencies, and other organizations help Goodwill of North Georgia fulfill its mission of putting people to work by sponsoring specific training programs —for example, programs for veterans, programs for women, and programs for people with disabilities.

If you need to hire specific individuals, Goodwill is the right place. Let us know what you’re looking for. We can help you find them, and prepare them for your unique workplace environment.

You can support a program to train workers to meet your own needs—to fill positions that require hard to find skills, or to find specific types of workers. It’s a terrific way to donate and help develop the screened and qualified workforce your company needs.
Goodwill can provide eager and dedicated workers who meet your requirements. You can help us remove barriers. Please contact us today to learn more about sponsoring a training program. To find out more about what Goodwill of North Georgia can do for your business, send an email to Career Services.

Happy Holidays! 
We will be observing holiday hours at our stores, donation centers and career centers. Please make note of the changes so you can plan accordingly for your donation, shopping and career center needs!   
Stores and Donation Centers:
Christmas Eve: Saturday, December 24 – Open 9am-6pm 
Christmas Day: Sunday, December 25 – Closed 
New Year’s Eve: Saturday, December 31 – Open 9am-6pm 
New Year’s Day: Sunday, January 1 – Open Regular Business Hours 

Career Centers:
Wednesday, December 21 – 9am - 3pm
Thursday, December 22 – 9am - 3pm
Friday, December 23 – Closed
Saturday, December 24 – Closed

Christmas Day: Sunday, December 25 – Closed
Monday, December 26 – Closed
New Year’s Eve: Saturday, December 31 – Closed
New Year’s Day: Sunday, January 1 – Closed
Monday, January 2 – Closed