The Right Skills

Work with us to find the right person with the right skills, right away.

When you need to hire, we do the job. Save time. Save money. Save aggravation. And get the people you need—qualified, trained, and screened people who can help your company today. After all, finding and training those people is what Goodwill has done successfully in North Georgia since 1925.

So don't just hire anyone. Hire someone who is ready. Hire somone who fits.

If you have a need, we'll fill it.

• Education
• Healthcare
• Retail
• Grocery/Food Service
• Facility Maintenance
• Custodial
• Warehousing & Manufacturing
• Construction
• Highway Repair
• Customized training to your needs

Chances are, we’ve got the right people for you. And if we don’t, we can find them as we will serve over 36,000 job seekers this year. If you’re looking for employees with specific skills or requirements, you can sponsor a program to help us screen and train them for you.

To find out more about what Goodwill of North Georgia can do for your business, send an email to Career Services.