Hire Employees

Find the ideal job candidate through us.

Employees are the lifeblood of every business. No matter what type of business, or what kind of position needs to be filled, Goodwill of North Georgia can help you identify qualified candidates. We specialize in matching motivated, reliable, well-trained people with the right employers. Since 2001, we’ve helped more than 37,098 people do just that. If you run a business, put us to work for you.

We train our people for success.

Goodwill implements a multi-step process during training programs to help ensure the workers we recommend are an ideal fit for the companies who hire them. Whether the job is white collar or blue collar, we find the right people for the right job.

First, we screen with a background check to determine eligibility. We follow with an aptitude test and career planning session to guide candidates to appropriate skills training programs. Then, all participants are instructed on skills like work personality, interviewing, and becoming part of a team. They’re taught how to be good and productive employees.

Specialize and Certified

Individuals who need job-specific skills may enroll in skills training. We have 12 certification programs, from green construction to forklift operation and beyond. Candidates are trained, tested. and certified so they’re ready to go to work.

You can even help us by sponsoring a training program to help develop workers that meet specific requirements or have specific skills.

Before we recommend anyone of our people, we give them real-world experience.   Partnering with local businesses, our job candidates get a chance to apply what they've learned on the job. It's invaluable experience that gets them work ready and productive for the day they start their job.

Finally, our employment specialists work with businesses to place candidates. They personally match the right individuals with the right companies, so each business gets a person who is motivated, ready to work, and a best fit in for the business need and culture.

See some of the skills we can help you locate.

To find out more about what Goodwill of North Georgia can do for your business, send an email to Career Services