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Power Training

It’s a simple formula, really. Quality people equal quality service. That’s why Goodwill Industries of North Georgia puts so much emphasis on training. We make sure our employees are fully prepared and knowledgeable about all phases of their job.

Full-time employees receive a minimum of 72 hours of training annually and must successfully complete rigorous testing. This extensive learning is done through many effective and engaging methods including lectures, videos, one-on-one teaching, demonstrations and on-the-job experience. Goodwill Industries also utilizes e-learning via DuPont Sustainable Solutions to assure our people are proficient in environmental safety, ethics and industrial standards.

Our comprehensive training programs are implemented and monitored by our full-time training coordinator. This professional also oversees all vital safety training including hazard communication, blood-borne-pathogen safety, asbestos awareness, fire, electrical and chemical safety and more.

Building quality leadership.

Managers and supervisors must also participate in additional training which includes leadership skills, ethics, priority management, harassment prevention, maintaining a professional image and performance evaluation. Plus, we encourage all managers to obtain their certification in Housekeeping Management, a 320-hour program sponsored by the International Executive Housekeepers Association, Inc.