Annual Report

Opening Message

The Cycle of Good

This year brought significant and unexpected changes for all of us. As the rest of the world adjusted to challenges brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic, so did Goodwill.

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Employer Spotlight

Employer Spotlight

Amazon Workforce
Staffing - ATL East Node

During the pandemic, Goodwill of North Georgia’s mission to put people to work continues. With unemployment numbers continuing to reach staggering heights, jobseekers need access to workforce development resources that can help them take care of themselves and their families.

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Donor Spotlight

Kathy Ward

The Story of
the Missing Basket

Kathy did not know that her husband’s regular trip to Goodwill to donate items would send them on a 24-hour mission to retrieve her grandchildren’s beloved childhood basket.

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Shopper Spotlight

Paula G.

Trading in Retail Prices
For Goodwill Finds

Living in Atlanta as a single woman on a tight budget, Paula was growing tired of breaking the bank for fashionable clothing at major retail stores.

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Facility Services Spotlight

Facility Services Spotlight

Obstacles Become

The Facility Services Team at Goodwill of North Georgia continues to provide essential services to the business community.

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2020 Highlights


When you go Goodwilling, you continue the cycle of good. Every donation and purchase supports job training and placement in North Georgia.

Goodwill would like to thank the entire community in its 45-county territory for helping its neighbors find a job, a better job, and a career.

Whether you come to Goodwill to donate, shop, or find a job, click here to see how you can continue the cycle of good.

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Virtual Career Services

Goodwill has remained committed to its mission to put people to work. As unemployment rates in North Georgia and across the country continue to rise, people need access to workforce development programs to find jobs that can help them support themselves and their families. The organization needed to find a way to continue to provide training programs and job resources while reducing in-person contact.

In response, Goodwill ramped up its existing virtual career services platform, CareerConnector.org. The system allows job seekers to receive the same level of care that they would in one of Goodwill’s 13 career centers. Over 9,400 people have accessed the virtual career services platform since March.

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The Heart of

Store associates and managers worked tirelessly to provide a clean, safe, and welcoming environment in all the nonprofit’s 67 retail store locations upon re-opening. Goodwill’s workforce development programs could not continue without the funds from its stores, which directly support its mission of putting people to work. The cycle of good starts with the team.

99-Cent Mondays

Goodwill continuously strives to find ways to provide the best quality items to treasure hunters at an affordable price. To make treasure hunting even more exciting, the team began to implement 99-cent Mondays. On these days, all specified color tag items are only 99 cents. Whether it’s a pair of designer pants or a stylish sweater, store guests find unique pieces at a price that’s hard to beat.

Financial Highlights

2020 Financial

It takes a lot of resources to support a growing social enterprise. Revenue from our stores, grants and the community allow us to serve a record number of job seekers.

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Revenue Stream

Store Sales



2020 Revenue
Store Sales
Facility Contracts
Investment Income
Vocational Services

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Board of Directors
and Executive Staff

Goodwill is grateful to its volunteer board members for their commitment to our organization and their invaluable time given during fiscal year 2020.


  • Marc A. Azar, Chair Emeritus
  • Janine Anthony Bowen, Chair FY2020
  • Kirk Halpern, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Kofi Smith, Secretary
  • Paula Tkac, Treasurer


  • Solange Claudio
  • Noni Ellison
  • Lew Fader
  • Ed Ferguson
  • B. Aubrey Harrell
  • Mark Hoffman
  • Glynn Jenkins
  • Daniel “Dan” J. King
  • Charles Meriwether
  • Dan Miller
  • Timothy “Tim” O’Connell
  • Allen Phinney
  • Anthony “Tony” Tatum
  • Kyle Waide

Lifetime Member

  • Dr. John McNeal, Jr.

Executive Staff

  • Elaine Armstrong, Vice President,
  • Mariángela “Bonnie” Corales, General Counsel & Vice President,
    Legal Affairs & Compliance
  • Joy Holmes, Vice President,
  • Robert King, Vice President,
    Finance and I.T.
  • Dell McKinney, Vice President,
    Donor Services
  • Keith T. Parker,
    President and CEO
  • Scott Parry, Vice President,
    Facility Services
  • Angela Staup, Vice President,
    Human Resources
  • Jenny Taylor, Vice President,
    Career Services