While you’re getting ready to start your spring cleaning it can be hard to decide what to keep and what to donate. That’s why we’ve provided a few tips to make your spring cleaning easier.

Have you used this item in the past month or year?

If you haven’t used an item in a while it’s probably not something you’ll use anytime soon and you can place it in the donation pile.

Worried you’ll miss a room?

Make an inventory and go room by room, so you have a good idea of what all you have. This helps prevent you from skipping over anywhere by accident.

Extra tip: when you’re cleaning, go clockwise around a room so you don’t miss anywhere or clean the same space twice.

Does it fit?

If you’re cleaning out your child’s closet, they’re probably growing out a lot of clothes really quickly. So if they’re clothes are too big, place it in the Goodwill pile.

Do you have multiple items of the same thing?

Are you standing in your kitchen wondering why you have two toasters? Add one in the donation pile!

Is it taking up too much space?

Clear out your basements, attics and storage units to make more room. You can turn your new space into something more functional, like a home gym or craft space, by donating what you don’t need.

Once your spring cleaning is done and the donation pile is ready, head to Goodwill to support your community. Donating is easy with over 100 locations across Metro Atlanta and North Georgia, and we offer contactless drop off.

When you go Goodwilling, you’re not just cleaning out your closet, but also helping local job seekers find meaningful careers. Because every donation, big or small, goes to funding job training programs and career services — available across North Georgia’s communities.

Happy spring cleaning!