Georgia’s Vet Success Program Trainee David CarrMeet David Carr

For two years, I struggled to live off of my disability income, I was unable to work in my trade as a welder and I was computer illiterate. My inability to find employment became very frustrating. I began to feel like I would never work again.The Veterans Administration referred me to Goodwill where I could learn new skills and refresh the ones I already had.

While at Goodwill, each new experience and training session boosted my self-confidence. Goodwill is a blessing; they gave me the tools I needed to become self-sufficient. I completed Goodwill of North Georgia’s Vet Success – a program designed to reach veterans who have “fallen through the cracks”.

The program provides job training for veterans and matches us with the right career opportunities. Goodwill has allowed my dreams to come back full circle. I know now that anything is possible! I am working through the program and with the support of the program, I am ready to find a job that matches my skills. I know the right job for me is around the corner. The biggest lesson I will walk away with after my training is that we are never too old to learn new skills; Don’t believe what they say about that old dog.