BH Management Services, LLC

The eighth-largest property management firm in the United States, BH Management Services, LLC (BH Management), has had a presence in Atlanta for the last seven years. The firm’s mission is to provide the highest quality living environments at its apartment communities in order to retain satisfied residents. In the currently tight job market, BH Management has found its partnership with Goodwill of North Georgia to be a beneficial component of their recruitment efforts, which in turn, allows them to develop the on-site teams necessary to achieve the company’s goals.

Anouschka Bertell, BH Management’s Regional Manager, and the office’s Senior Facilities Manager, Matt Francis, agree that if not for aligning with organizations like Goodwill, they would have a hard time filling their vacancies. They find that Goodwill’s vetting process helps with candidate quality and they like the opportunities afforded by the two-week on-the-job training. “It allows us to see what a person is like,” Anouschka says.

BH Management likes to place Goodwill participants with seasoned supervisors and managers and ensures that these leaders will have time to teach, because they are training with an eye to hiring. Anouschka and Matt are quick to share many success stories – of the first four Goodwill trainees, three are still with the company. Two have been promoted to supervisor and the third is a senior maintenance technician. As seasoned professionals are critical to BH Management’s success, this kind of longevity is deeply valued.

BH Management is also a company that invests heavily in community service and therefore it isn’t surprising that leaders like Anouschka and Matt have servants’ hearts. When asked about the highlights of the Goodwill partnership, Anouschka offered, “You don’t know a person’s story. To be able to turn someone’s life around, in a career they might not have considered…to make a difference, it’s huge.”

As the trade school landscape evolves, the BH Management leadership believes the need for Goodwill is greater now than it has ever been. For firms such as theirs to be able to align with Goodwill is proving to be crucial for this industry – an industry teeming with jobs that allow people to earn a good living.

Employment Specialist Robert Cummings calls BH Management “a bedrock in our Maintenance program.” In acknowledgement of their ongoing assistance with helping Goodwill achieve its mission by providing on-the-job training and job opportunities for our participants, Goodwill of North Georgia is honored to present BH Management with the 2020 Community Training Site of the Year award.