James Dorsey at Goodwill Career CenterMeet James Dorsey

In December 2012, James Dorsey lost his job as a supervisor at the Cherokee County Division of Family and Child Services (DFCS). He worked at the agency for six years and was frustrated with his situation. In the aftermath of his release Dorsey received unemployment benefits. His benefits ran out before he was able to secure new work, though, and his funds ran dry.

Unable to make rent payments without an income, Dorsey started drinking heavily and even got hooked on drugs. He lost his marriage, found himself homeless and learned first hand how rock bottom feels. “I was going to die,” he says. “My turning point was either choosing life or death, and I was at a point where I wanted to die because I didn’t know what to do. That’s when God showed up and said, ‘Follow me, I’ll show you how to be a better man.’” Dorsey picked himself up and dove into his job hunt.

In search of any leads he could find, Dorsey started attending every job fair held in his area. At a job fair at the Goodwill career center in Woodstock, he found the opening he sought. He was hired on the spot by Altruistic Staffing as a Walmart associate. Thanks to his hard work and go-getter attitude, he was promoted as a recruiter for the company within weeks of his hire. His willingness to do whatever it took to improve himself paid off. He’s back in an apartment of his own and continues to look for ways to impress his employer and climb the ranks at his new job.

“Everything went down hill for me fast, but today I embrace it,” he says. “It changed me to who I am today, and I want to use that to help others.”