Goodwill's Lloyd Cutter Headshot

Meet Lloyd Cutter

Three years ago Lloyd Cutter was referred to Goodwill of North Georgia’s GoodTransitions and Apartment Maintenance programs. At the time he had no job and eight children to support. He had worked in law enforcement for eighteen years, and when it was time to take his career in a new direction he did not know where to begin with a job search. “When they say they put people to work, they really do,” says Cutter.“Goodwill taught me how to use my experience and talents and transfer them to a new job.”

While in the programs Cutter received on-the-job training at a local apartment complex, improved his interview skills and updated his résumé. He even received assistance with gas money for traveling to and from his training site and support from a job coach to help with unexpected challenges at his work site. Cutter excelled. The Friendly Hills Apartments maintenance team was so impressed with his performance during training they hired him on full-time following his graduation from the program.

“I’m a big Goodwill advocate,” he says. “It’s because of them I’m working. I couldn’t work a fast food job and still maintain financial stability. Now I can better provide for my family.”