Daisy Latimore came to Goodwill in 2001, seeking to expand her gift basket business into chocolate confections. A graduate of GoodBIZ, she built The Chocolate Box from a cart to a Conyers storefront.

The store opened July 21, 2010. Though there was no furniture, Daisy created cheer by hanging colorful plastic balloons, purchasing one each time she had an extra six dollars. These remain in place as a reminder of her determination to make her vision a reality.

Daisy credits Goodwill’s role in her success, “I would not still be in business without Goodwill. They had so much confidence in me, seeing my vision even when I didn’t. They have been an enormous support over the last 11 years.” Her relationship with Goodwill has led to special opportunities, among them meeting the late U.S. Representative and civil rights icon John Lewis, and traveling to Capitol Hill to share her small business testimony and samples of her delicious treats with U.S. senators.

Every candy has a story — the coconut candy was inspired by Girl Scout Samoa cookies. Her chocolates have won awards including Taste of Conyers Best Desserts and Rockdale Citizen Peoples’ Choice Best Desserts. They were a finalist in the Flavor of Georgia, a statewide food contest. Daisy was also honored with Goodwill’s Triumph Award.

Complementing the quality chocolates is Daisy’s strong commitment to outstanding customer service and passion about giving back to the community. She is a valued partner for Goodwill, serving as a summer youth internship site. She rewards children for good grades with a complimentary piece of chocolate and has partnered with the local library to recognize children for completing reading challenges.

Daisy looks forward to expanding her efforts, valuing the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of youth.  Her pay-it-forward vision is for The Chocolate Box to become a small business training ground for aspiring young entrepreneurs to learn firsthand the principles of running a business – and even for those not immediately preparing for business ownership, serving as a haven for youth to flourish and be encouraged to follow their dreams.