A native of Metro New York, Darryl Lattimore moved to the Athens area in 2013. Recently married and in search of a better quality of life, his sister had been living in Athens and suggested it would be a good place to relocate. Darryl quickly found work in the private security industry, where he had many years of experience.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Darryl decided it was best to self-quarantine for his family’s safety. When considering his next career move, he thought about going into business and visited the East Athens Career Center in March 2021. Over the years in Athens, Darryl had passed by the facility many times and had learned about the career-related offerings when providing transportation to his nephew, who had been enrolled in a Goodwill skills training program.

Darryl met with Career Coach DeWitt Ford, and the two discussed the possibility of enrolling in the GoodBIZ program. They decided this wasn’t the right path at the time, because Darryl had been steadily building his business. He had already secured his business license, purchased equipment, developed a business plan, and purchased a truck. To increase his digital literacy, Darryl came to the career center several times a week for 1-on-1 computer classes and quickly became more confident.

On March 15, Darryl visited the career center carrying a box. He proudly pulled out two t-shirts featuring the AmeriKleen logo. He credits his time at the career center as being important to his success, noting he learned how to print flyers, business cards, and customize apparel. Darryl is quick to share that he couldn’t have done it without Goodwill, and his relationship with the agency continues as he is working with three career centers in his efforts to hire five employees.   

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