Canton resident Jerome Rosado first came to Goodwill’s Woodstock Career Center in May 2016. At that time, he was 19 years old and preparing to graduate from Kennesaw High School, which was a tremendous accomplishment for him, as he a person living with dyslexia. Jerome had also suffered a serious injury to his left arm when he was eight years old and had adapted to using only his right hand.

Jerome was interested in finding a job that would set him on a career path, and working with the career center team, he secured employment in the pre-delivery inspection department of Three Way Campers. He began working the day after his high school graduation.  

By 2019, Jerome was ready to take the next step in his career journey. Returning to Goodwill, he learned that Loloi Rugs was opening a new facility in Cartersville. Jerome was the first employee hired and played an important role in getting the warehouse ready. He helped with the setup, worked as a material handler, and trained new employees. After two years with the company, he promoted to a lead position.

Recently, Goodwill Lead Career Coach Beatriz Gonzalez spoke to Loloi Rugs HR manager Adriana Arnold, who reported that Jerome is doing very well. His commitment and motivation have resulted in his knowing how to run all departments, and at the time of the call, he was covering his manager’s duties while the manager was on vacation. Adriana sees him moving to the next level in the near future.

Jerome shares, “I love my job, and I couldn’t have gotten it without the coaching from the Goodwill Career Center Coach and the job fair event. Thank you.”