In November 2021, Rae Sharp came to the Smyrna Career Center seeking some guidance with her job search process. Although she has a master’s degree in marketing and advertising and more than 15 years of work experience, after almost 70 interviews in the preceding three months she had yet to be invited for a second interview. She hoped that spending some time with Goodwill would help her understand how to overcome this challenge.

Career Coach Glossie Echols had an initial conversation with Rae and gave her a list of potential interview questions in preparation for a coaching session two days later. The first session proved fruitful – with Glossie’s help, Rae understood it would be beneficial to streamline her resume from two pages to one, and to shift the focus on a designated job title or position versus the traditional list of skills, employment history, and education. She also learned about the S.T.A.R. (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) method of interviewing and practiced that technique.

At her second coaching session, Rae was introduced to the Target Market Search Strategy Sheet and began completing it. Using this document along with her newly polished resume and updated interview techniques, she continued her job search.

Rae quickly found herself invited to second interviews and by December 15th, had started a new job in her desired field. As an account manager with Boxercraft in Mableton, she was offered a starting salary of $25.00 per hour along with the opportunity to earn bonuses.

By mid-January, Rae shared with Glossie that the coaching sessions were a tremendous help to her, enabling her to move on to an even better job as a client success manager at Hexagon Security in Buckhead. She joined the firm on January 18th at an annual salary of $60,000 plus bonuses.

Rae is grateful to Goodwill for providing excellent services that were essential to getting her career back on track.