Robert Kemp Helping Store CustomerMeet Robert Kemp

Years ago Robert was happily working full-time for Barclay Bank. But then the unthinkable happened – the economy bottomed out and he was laid-off. Not only was his newfound unemployment bad news for him, it was also bad news for his six children. Before he knew it he was out of money and unable to pay any child support.

All Robert knew for sure was he needed to discover a way to support his family again. He was referred to
Goodwill of North Georgia’s GoodTransitions Program. GoodTransitions is a program that helps non-custodial parents pay child support and find employment. Shortly after Robert was selected to participate in the program, his circumstance changed for the better.

“For me the biggest thing was to be able to work while looking for a permanent job,” he says. “With the program I was able to provide [my kids] things you can’t get without employment.”

Assistance from Goodwill allowed him to work a part-time transitional job at BJ’s Wholesale Club as he continued his hunt for permanent employment.

“Putting people to work is the main goal of Goodwill and I love that,” he says. “It’s been a big help and a big success for me. It put back the joy in my life of being the head of the house.”