In September 2020, Terance Stewart was referred to Goodwill’s Oakwood Career Center by his GVRA counselor. Working with Case Manager Alex Balla, Terance completed the Work Evaluation program. During this 10-day assessment, he was trained on various duties in the store and was observed by staff. The Goodwill team then submitted a report to Terance’s GVRA counselor and in coordination with his family, Terance decided to complete his training in January 2021.

When he returned to Goodwill, Terance participated in job readiness training classes, which proved to be beneficial. At first, he was quiet and rarely spoke, but as time passed he began to engage more with staff and fellow participants. The store management also noticed the changes and saw Terance as a good candidate for the donor door and baler.

At the end of February 2021, with the help of the Goodwill team, Terance applied for a part-time job at Goodwill’s Oakwood store, and was hired in early March. He enjoys his job and readily asks his job coach for support when needed. His favorite aspects of his new role are interacting and talking with people. In late August, Terance achieved six months of job retention and has become a valuable member of the store team.

Everyone on the Oakwood Career Services team is happy to have Terance in the Goodwill family and wishes him continued success!