Meet Zion Ellis – This Way Ahead Intern 2017

Zion Ellis always wanted to work in retail, so when his guidance counselor told him about the This Way Ahead program, he knew it would be a great way to spend the summer before his senior year of high school. He applied immediately and was very happy to be selected for an internship. The opportunity was made even because he was assigned to Banana Republic – the store he was hoping to be placed at.

This was Zion’s first job and he did so well that at the conclusion of the internship, he was offered a permanent position at Banana Republic. Even though his schedule was full of school activities – from marching band to golf – he was able to continue working at the store. The money he earned allowed him to save for a car.

As high school drew to a close, Zion chose to accept a band scholarship at Clark Atlanta University. This strategic decision would allow him to live at home and continue working at Banana Republic. Although he’s majoring in accounting, Zion enjoys fashion and hopes to find a way to continue in the field after college.

Since completing the This Way Ahead internship, Zion has been a great ambassador for the program. He’s recruited many friends and he serves as a mentor for the interns placed at his store.

His advice to prospective interns applies to us all, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is always something you can learn.”

As of April 2021, Zion remains employed at Banana Republic and looks forward to celebrating four years with the brand this summer.