Goodwill Grasslands Store Associate Miriam TorresMeet Miriam Torres

Miriam Torres has been a part of our team for nearly 10 years. An associate at our Grasslands Store in Alpharetta, she sorts, prices and stocks goods like linens, rugs and other housewares. She knows keeping a well-stocked store means shoppers are more likely to find a great new item to purchase, which leads to more support of Goodwill’s mission.

Last year our stores processed more than 2 million donations, which supported 16,809 North Georgia job seekers in going to work. Through our training programs, local partnerships and career centers, we are able to connect thousands of people to new employment opportunities every year. All of this is made possible in part by our store associates, whom are key in transforming donations into jobs.

Although Miriam is only one employee at one of our store locations, her hard work makes a big impact every year. Her efforts are not lost on her managers.“Miriam has been here a long time and has been trained in just about every department,” says Keenan Gordon, assistant manager at the store. “She is a valuable part of the team.”