EVS – Cobb WorkSource — Smyrna

In Fall 2019, Austell resident Pamela Mozley was a frequent guest at the Smyrna Career Center, grateful for the ability to use the computers and make copies. Like many visitors, one day she saw the Environmental Services (EVS) flyer and decided to investigate the program, especially since it came with job placement.  

She recalls thinking, “You know what, my life has been falling apart, I had some disappointments, something on my background, but I always have worked               jobs where I help people. This might be interesting and maybe someone would be willing to help me because I keep ending up with dead-end jobs.”

Pamela spoke to Skills Trainer Zina Frame-Leonard and explained her story, sharing her desire to make a change. With her amazing smile, she told Zina, “It  seems like I’ve been knowing you forever and that I actually found someone to give me a chance.” Pamela met the eligibility qualifications for Cobb WorkSource funding and was excited to receive a call informing her the EVS class would start in February 2020.

When training began, Pamela arrived every day demonstrating great enthusiasm. She encouraged her peers and expressed amazement at the interpersonal skills training Goodwill provided. She was particularly grateful for the in-depth preparation for dealing with life situations, which were helpful as she faced personal challenges during the training program.

Recently married, Pamela’s husband became severely ill and unable to care for himself, then her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and Pamela had no family support to assist in her mother’s care. Pamela was driving several hours a few times a week to see her mother as her father had recently died. With all this going on, Pamela attended training every day.

One day, Zina noticed Pamela was a bit slower than normal and asked if anything was going on. Pamela shared her situation and through tears said “I don’t know what to do. I have all this going on, my brother’s not helping, I’m paying all these bills and I think I need to pause the training.” Zina and the Goodwill team empathized with Pamela and encouraged her to not give up.  They suggested if she needed a day to take care of things an absence could be accommodated.

With this support, Pamela continued to excel in the training program and upon completion earned certifications in EVS,                      Floor Tech/Custodial (where she operated all machines with proficiency on her first attempt), Digital Literacy, and CPR/First Aid.

Pamela applied for an EVS Tech position at Wellstar but was declined due to a past mistake. She stayed positive stating, “I know Mrs. Lockhart is said to one of Goodwill’s best employment specialists. I know you are going to help me find employment that is going to lead  to a career. You said it’s always a next opportunity when there’s a no, right?’ Pamela never wavered, waiting patiently and was soon offered a  full-time EVS Tech position with Pruitt Healthcare, where she has been successfully employed since June 2020.

Pamela shared that Pruitt “asked me where I learned my skills as they have staff that have been there for years who aren’t as thorough with disinfection and as good at interacting with the patients. I was proud to tell  them I am a Goodwill graduate. I’m grateful that Goodwill staff believed in me and supported me.”