Trinithia Beasley On Folklift At AutozoneMeet Trinithia Beasley

Success can be found not just in a goal or destination, but also in the pathway there. Such is the story for Trinithia Beasley. She works as an Order Picker for AutoZone’s warehouse in Lavonia, Georgia. Her dream is to one day own her own hair salon, and her work at the warehouse is going to help her get there.

“Eventually I want to do hair and cosmetology,” she says. “I wanted to make some money and get some experience at AutoZone before I go off to school, and help my mom out because she’s a single mom.”

Beasley’s plan was not always so clearly defined. School was difficult for her early on, especially in the areas of reading and math. And though she overcame her learning disability in high school, by graduation she had yet to hold her first job. With her mom working to support the family on one income, the financial burden of beauty school was a looming challenge for Beasley and her family.

One of her high school Language Arts teachers recognized Beasley’s work ethic and post-graduate potential. To help keep Beasley on track with her career aspirations, her teacher referred her to the Goodwill of North Georgia Work Adjustment Program.

For Beasley, the program allowed her to explore employment options and opportunities, practice interviewing, create a successful résumé and learn about workplace expectations. She learned more about herself and where she wanted to go in her career. When an opportunity for a group interview arose with AutoZone, Beasley blew the employers away with her honesty and specific goals for her future.

“I met Trinithia in an interview at AutoZone,” said Michael Young, Beasley’s Goodwill job coach. “She was the first interviewee and it was unanimous that she interviewed well for being a fresh high school graduate. She overcame a few challenges and really distinguished herself in the program.”

AutoZone is excellent preparation for Beasley on the hard work that makes a successful business run smoothly. She says she’s already matured a lot through the program, and she’s got the hustle of production down to an art. “You have to face challenges with a positive attitude no matter how difficult the situations you face can be,” she says. “I’m going to get this done because I’m determined to get this done.”