At Support Services (SS), our overall business goal is to provide extraordinary business services to our customers in order to meet and/or exceed their expectations, consider our context, retain our organizational knowledge, and address risks and opportunities. Top Management is committed to establishing and reviewing our business goals/objectives and ensuring they are communicated and understood within the Agency.

All SS employees are committed to complying with the requirements defined in our business (quality) manual, the employee handbook, and all other policies and procedures of the agency; and to continuously strive for excellence and the respect of our customers. We will persistently monitor and measure our progress to ensure our goals are achieved, safely, socially, and economically.

Individually and collectively we will continue to seek out improvement opportunities in our operations for Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, and Marketing departments that will meet and exceed the goals of our strategic plan as well as the customers we serve.

How do we do this? We make sure to continually sample and audit the things we do and the way we do them in order to make sure we are consistent and in line with best practices.