Do you need help finding and keeping a job?
Our retail, customer service training and general employment program will work for you!

Our program offers a progressive training method to prepare job seekers for competitive employment. Services include an evaluation of work-related skills, work experience, and training in a competitive work setting, job coaching, job readiness skill development, job placement, and retention services.


The first step is for us to set up an interview to determine your hopes, goals, skills, and interests to help match you with your ideal job in retail/customer service.

Work Adjustment

We will help you secure a paid internship to develop your on-the-job skills in a community work setting.

Job Coaching

We believe one of the keys to this program’s success is our staff’s commitment to your success. This program provides coaching and employment services to ensure success on the job, long-term job retention and career growth.

To learn more:
Just attend an information session or reach us at one of the following:

phone: 844.344.WORK (9675)