It feels like it hasn’t been summer in ages. But now, the sun is coming out and people are ready to get back out. We’re here to help! Whether you’re excited to introduce the new you with fresh looks or gearing up for fun in the sun, there are tons of great finds at Goodwill. 

We have over 65 stores across North Georgia, all bringing you unique pieces at unbeatable prices. And every purchase helps fund our 13 Career Centers and support local job seekers. If you’re ready to get great deals and make a difference—check out these tips for a stylish summer.

Tip #1: Makeover Your Look for Less

There hasn’t been a ton of shopping or wardrobe-updating lately, but now is the perfect time. You can step into your very own summer styles while keeping your budget in shape. Find deals like adult jeans, starting at just $8. Or shirts, starting at only $6. And kid’s jeans starting at only $3. Plus, a huge range of warm-weather staples to browse. Shorts, tank tops, sun dresses. Goodwill is your one-stop shop for summer looks.

Tip #2: Accessorize for Savings in the Sun

Now it’s time to make your outfit pop with the right accessories. From jewelry and watches to hats and belts, you can browse for the statement piece that ties your look together. And of course, what’s summer without a good pair of shades? Scoop up a pair of sunglasses to keep your summer looking cool.

Tip #3: Get the Backyard BBQ Ready

Now that you’ve got the look…it’s time to show it off! That means getting your friends and family off Zoom and into your real life again. We can help with that too, because there’s so much more than clothes at Goodwill. Eager for a pool party? Come look for coolers, floats, lounge chairs, and more. Or maybe you’re more of a backyard BBQ’er? You can find grill accessories, tools, patio furniture, aprons. Even cookbooks! Stop in and find everything you need to refresh your space.

Tip #4: Be a Part of #Goodwilling

Best of all—every purchase you make is supporting your neighbors who are looking for work. We collect donated items from the community and place them in our stores. Then, all those proceeds go to funding job training programs and placement services here in North Georgia. That’s #Goodwilling! And with your support, it adds up fast. We help tens of thousands of North Georgians find new jobs each year. So every set of grill accessories, every summer dress, and every pair of sunglasses makes a difference.

Join in and make it a Goodwill summer. Shop, save, and support local job seekers all season long.