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2019 Annual Report

Achieving New Levels of Growth

Dear Friends,

Goodwill of North Georgia has undergone a year of tremendous development in Fiscal Year 2019. Since 1925, our pursuit of our mission to put people to work continues to stabilize communities across the region.

This year marks a significant benchmark for Goodwill as it indicates the completion of the first year in our organization’s 2023 plan. A central tenant of this plan is to put 130,000 people to work within a five-year time span, starting in 2019 and continuing through 2023. We are proud to say that we are well on our way to achieving that goal and have already connected 25,688 people with jobs.

In 2019, we opened four new retail locations across North Georgia, including Mall of Georgia and Hartwell. As we continue to expand our footprint, the customer experience remains a top priority. We have refreshed our stores to include modern features and new goods. The launch of our e-commerce business compliments the in-store experience and allows us to strengthen our presence in the online retail market.

Our substantial progress would not be possible without our team of over 3,000 employees at Goodwill of North

Georgia and Goodwill Industries of North Georgia, from frontline team members to executive leadership.

Because of their hard work, we served 51,915 job seekers this year, and we will continue to give a hand up to whoever walks through our doors.

Our 2023 strategic plan requires us to continue to drive innovation and inclusivity to help us reach our goals and elevate to new heights of success. We believe that diversity and inclusion build better workplaces.

To supporters long-term and new, thank you for pushing our mission forward to put people to work. Whether you donate, shop, or help train and employ our job seekers, your involvement is vital to our success. None of our triumphs are possible without you.

We look forward to serving you and the North Georgia community for many years to come and hope you will continue to join us on our mission to put even more people to work.

Keith T. Parker, President & CEO
and Janine Anthony Bowen, Board Chair

Keith Parker

Keith Parker

President & CEO
Goodwill of North Georgia

Janine Anthony Bowen

Janine Anthony Bowen

Board Chair
Goodwill of North Georgia

Employer Spotlight

Establishing Partnerships
that Elevate Our Success

Throughout North Georgia, companies partner with Goodwill to provide on-the-job training sites and hire our program participants, utilizing our training and employment resources. Equally important, our job seekers appreciate the fact that they can be matched with an employer that is seeking their unique skillset, opening doors to new and exciting opportunities. Our partnership with Owl Inc. Transportation is no different and continues to broaden our reach in the community,putting more North Georgians to work.

The transportation company prioritizes safety and ensures that staff provide reliable and quality service consistently throughout their service area. Owl Inc. Transportation assists Goodwill of North Georgia with its Logistics Training program and helps prepare program graduates to enter the transportation industry.

Crucita Dansby, General Manager at Owl Inc. Transportation, knows firsthand how important it is to equip employees with the tools they need to be successful and has enjoyed training Goodwill jobseekers.

“Everyone that has come through our doors from Goodwill has added value to our company,” said Dansby. “The alumni from Goodwill’s training program have all been excellent and very professional.”

Crucita Dansby

Crucita Dansby

General Manager at Owl, Inc.

With a background in staff training and business development and marketing, Dansby values seeing people for who they are and believes in giving everyone a chance.

“It’s the willingness to learn, not credentials that get you where you need to go in life.”

The company started in a one-room office, serving the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs office in Atlanta. The company now serves seven different states and has eleven offices. As Owl Inc. Transportation continues to expand, Dansby looks forward to the company’s partnership with Goodwill of North Georgia growing as well.

“I love that Goodwill is giving people the opportunity to go to work. We want to help people that are ready to go to the next level.”

With the common goal of elevating to new heights of success at the center of this partnership, Owl Inc. Transportation will play a significant role in Goodwill of North Georgia helping its neighbors create a better life and go to work.

Success Story

A Second Chance for Krystal Ives

Life took an unfortunate turn when Krystle found herself associating with the wrong people, resulting in her incarceration at Lee Arrendale State Prison. As the end of her sentence drew closer, Krystle was invited to participate in Goodwill’s Culinary Program. This was the opportunity she needed to return to the right path.

Krystal learned to trust again, growing her confidence that she would be able to have a life after prison. As she progressed through the program, she was placed at the Clarkesville Huddle House, one of Goodwill’s partners.

Krystle Ives

Starting as a cook and then taking on any role or traveling to any other store needing help, she learned all aspects of the business. When the August 2018 date for her release neared, the supervisor made it clear he wanted her to stay – and made her manager of the store. “I feel good when I walk in and see my name on the glass,” she beams. Her store is number one in the nation, evidence of her talent and leadership acumen.

Krystal said that she loves the whole staff at Goodwill — every team member at Cornelia played a role in her experience. She appreciated the welcoming, non-judgmental environment at Goodwill and that she was not treated differently because of her criminal background.

Krystle Ives

Krystle uses her success from her time at Goodwill to help those in need. She actively partners with Goodwill providing internships and permanent employment for the women currently enrolled in the culinary program and frequently returns to the Cornelia Career Center to speak to participants.

The people make it worth it

Donor Spotlight

Giving Is a Responsibility

The act of giving is at the foundation of what unites people together, and it is a crucial factor in strengthening communities.

For Dave Moody, construction business owner and motivational speaker, this couldn’t be truer. As a contributor in our 2019 Goodwill Donation Challenge, Moody generously cleaned out his closets and donated a truck full of clothing. Moody feels that as a citizen in this world, giving is not only the right thing to do; it is a responsibility. Unused items in the back of closets are an opportunity to give back and help others.

The Goodwill Donation Challenge was created this year to connect with the larger metro Atlanta community and its leaders. We would not be able to continue to expand the breadth of our reach and services without people like Moody.

Moody stated that not only does he love to donate, he also enjoys visiting our various locations to buy great finds. His involvement with Goodwill goes beyond our stores though. He has seen firsthand the impact that Goodwill of North Georgia has on strengthening our communities.

“Having been a speaker at a past graduation, I enjoyed seeing all of the people gain their new opportunities. It’s a good energy all around.”

For Moody, giving should be at the core of who we are, and the progression of our communities depends on it.

“It’s so important to give back and expect nothing in return.”

At Goodwill of North Georgia, one bag of donations equals about an hour of job training. Every time you donate, you are directly helping us put more people to work.

Donor Spotlight

It’s so important to give back and expect nothing in return.

Shopper Story

Sleepwear is Streetwear

Our shoppers love to treasure hunt to find great buys you can’t get anywhere else. Goodwill stores are the perfect place to reuse and repurpose items to give them a second life. Shari Ginyard, a social media influencer and blogger, frequents our stores to find unique fabrics and turn them into handbags, accessories, and much more.

Ginyard has a passion for wardrobe styling and began her freelance stylist career in 2007. She helps others make their fashion visions come to life, and loves helping people see themselves in a new light. Ginyard also doubles as a custom handbag designer and creates all her purses by hand.

Not only does she have an eye for helping others create their best looks, she also creates her own wardrobes from items she finds in our stores. With Shari, a robe found in the sleepwear section is reimagined into the perfect piece to complete an everyday look.

One of my favorite places to stop is the sleepwear section. I love to turn robes into something that I can wear as streetwear.

Facility Services Spotlight

Support at All Levels

Goodwill Industries gave Nigel Napper skills and experience. As a custodian for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Nigel appreciates the continued support from the Goodwill family. From job training to finding the right work home, Goodwill Industries has stayed with Nigel every step of the way.

A sister organization to Goodwill of North Georgia, Goodwill Industries creates jobs by providing top-notch facility management services to the federal government, state and local governments, the commercial real estate market and various companies.

With the skills that Nigel has garnered, his mother is more confident in his quality of life, giving her a peace of mind. Because of our commitment to creating inclusive work environments, Nigel has received the support he needed to foster independence. Today, Napper enjoys his time with coworkers and supervisors and is optimistic about his future at the CDC.

“I’m getting along with my supervisor, manager, and other people who have disabilities,” said Nigel.

At Goodwill Industries, we support people like Nigel by providing comprehensive training programs and maintain some of the most rigorous certifications in the industry.

With pay rates above average, Goodwill Industries ensures that custodial workers have access to improving their economic circumstances as well. We’ve also grown to be one of the largest facility management contracting firms in Georgia, now with more than 200 employees.

I’m getting along with my supervisor, manager, and other people who have disabilities.

2019 Highlights

Prosperity for All

Tackling income inequality continues to be a priority for Goodwill of North Georgia. This year, it was time for our agency to step up as a leader in creating a larger conversation. Through a panel discussion moderated by WABE journalist and host Rose Scott, President and CEO Keith Parker discussed solutions for some of metro Atlanta’s most pressing economic challenges with Atlanta leaders Dr. Raphael Bostic, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Hala Moddelmog, president and CEO of the Metro Atlanta Chamber and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

2019 Highlights
2019 Highlights

Building Careers for the Future

Goodwill of North Georgia partnered with Techbridge to address the high demand for employees in healthcare, logistics and IT. In the free 16-week program, participants learn everything from web technology to job readiness and life skills, equipping them with the tools they need to be successful in technology and innovation career paths.

This program offers:

  • Industry certifications
  • Job placement with area employers at average pay of $20 per hour
  • On-the-job support for one year
  • Coaching to help you advance in your career
  • Free laptop upon program completion
  • Meals and snacks provided during program training
  • Classes in the evenings and on Saturdays

Program participants earn:

  • Web technology skills
  • administration
  • Business skills to succeed in leading corporations
  • Job readiness and life skills
  • Money management and investing for success
Kevon Rideout

Kevon Rideout

Techbridge participant

We can do our mission to put people to work, but we can’t do it alone.”
– Jenny Taylor, Vice President, Career Services

E-Commerce Launch

Online shopping has arrived at Goodwill of North Georgia, and we are making it even more convenient for treasure hunters to find great deals. While our primary focus will always be the instore experience, our presence in the online marketplace opens the doors for people who cannot reach our brick and mortar locations.

Dell McKinney, our vice president of donated goods retail, shares his thoughts on why our e-commerce launch was one of our greatest achievements this year.

“I am extremely proud of how quickly the team ramped up to get our e-commerce business online.”

McKinney emphasizes that this is no small feat, and he looks forward to our e-commerce presence reaching even greater heights in the upcoming years. He states that this revenue stream will support our mission as the organization finds innovative ways to put 130,000 people to work by 2023.

From books to jewelry and collectibles, shppers are bound to find something they love while also supporting our mission of helping make life better for families and people throughout North Georgia.

Goodwill Ecommerce

Elevating the Shopping Experience

Our four grand openings this year allowed us to introduce a modern refresh to our retail stores. With features like LED lighting and hardwood floors, customers are given a brand-new shopping experience. Many of our stores now also carry new goods like cell phone chargers and various other accessories.

We have also updated how we merchandise items and we also now size clothing, improving the shopping experience for our customers. We strive to make it as easy as possible for Goodwill treasure hunters to find exactly what they need on our racks and shelves. If you haven’t shopped with us in a while, now is a great time to visit.

New Goods and New Look

Financial Highlights

View 2019 Financial Highlights

Source FY2019 Percent FY2019 Dollars FY2018 Percent FY2018 Dollars
Revenue Generated and External Support
Community and Foundation Support 1% 2,067,000 1% 1,034,000
Federal Government Grants 3% 4,574,000 2% 3,671,000
Vocational Service Fees 0% 168,000 0% 447,000
Store Sales 83% 127,896,000 84% 123,947,000
Salvage 7% 11,130,000 7% 9,976,000
E-commerce 0% 332,000 0% -
Investment Income 4% 6,517,000 5% 8,029,000
Facility Serices Contracts 0% 607,000 0% 622,000
Total Revenue and Support 100% 153,291,000 100% 147,726,000
Program Service Costs
-Stores 70% 104,308,000 71% 99,545,000
-Collection and Transportation of Donated Goods 8% 12,078,000 8% 11,395,000
-Salvage 0% 381,000 0% 344,000
-E-commerce 0% 123,000 0% -
-Facility Serices Contracts 2% 2,465,000 1% 1,716,000
-Vocational Services 11% 16,539,000 11% 15,528,000
General and Administrative 7% 10,941,000 8% 10,757,000
Fundraising 1% 1,362,000 1% 1,379,000
Total Expenditures 100% 148,197,000 100% 140,664,000
Non-Operating Activities
Gain/(Loss) on Disposal of Property and Equipment (6,000) 12,000
Gain/(Loss) on Interest Rate Swaps Market-to-Market Evaluation (818,000) 1,008,000
Change in Net Assets 4,270,000 8,082,000
Net Assets, Beginning of Year 125,958,000 117,876,000
Net Assets, End of Year 130,228,000 125,958,000

Revenue Stream Overview

It takes a lot of resources to support a growing social enterprise. Revenue from our stores, grants and the community allow us to serve a record number of job seekers.







North Georgia Map

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  • Banks (18)
  • Barrow (28)
  • Bartow (14)
  • Butts (44)
  • Chattooga (1)
  • Cherokee (15)
  • Clarke (29)
  • Clayton (39)
  • Cobb (26)
  • Dawson (8)
  • Dekalb (34)
  • Douglas (32)
  • Elbert (23)
  • Fayette (38)
  • Floyd (13)
  • Forsyth (16)
  • Franklin (19)
  • Fulton (33)
  • Gilmer (3)
  • Gordon (2)
  • Gwinnett (27)
  • Habersham (11)
  • Hall (17)
  • Haralson (31)
  • Hart (20)
  • Henry (40)
  • Jackson (21)
  • Jasper (45)
  • Lumpkin (9)
  • Madison (22)
  • Morgan (42)
  • Newton (41)
  • Oconee (37)
  • Oglethorpe (30)
  • Paulding (25)
  • Pickens (7)
  • Polk (24)
  • Rabun (6)
  • Rockdale (35)
  • Spalding (43)
  • Stephens (12)
  • Towns (5)
  • Union (4)
  • Walton (36)
  • White (10)

Territory Map

Board of Directors and Executive Staff

Goodwill is grateful to its volunteer board members for their commitment to our organization and their invaluable time given during fiscal year 2019.


  • Janine Anthony Bowen - Chair
  • Kirk Halpern - Vice Chair
  • Marc A. Azar - Chair Emeritus
  • Anthony “Tony” Tatum - Secretary
  • Paula Tkac - Treasurer


  • Richard "Rick" Byrd, Jr.
  • Solange Claudio
  • Noni Ellison
  • Lew Fader
  • Ed Ferguson
  • B. Aubrey Harrell
  • Mark Hoffman
  • Glynn Jenkins
  • Daniel "Dan" King
  • Dr. John McNeal, Jr.
  • Charles Meriwether
  • Dan Miller
  • Timothy "Tim" O'Connell
  • Allen Phinney
  • Johanna Ellis Reisinger
  • Dr. Kofi Smith
  • Kyle Waide

Executive Staff

  • Keith T. Parker, President and CEO
  • Elaine Armstrong, Vice President, Marketing
  • Mariángela “Bonnie” Corales, General Counsel & Vice President, Legal Affairs & Compliance
  • *Joy Holmes, Vice President, Development
  • *Robert King, Vice President, Finance and I.T.
  • Dell McKinney, Vice President, Donor Services
  • Scott Parry, Vice President, Facility Services
  • Angela Staup, Vice President, Human Resources
  • Jenny Taylor, Vice President, Career Services

* Joy Holmes and Robert King officially joined Goodwill’s team in fiscal year 2019.

Thank you for your support of our mission to put people to work. None of this is possible without you!