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Success Story: Veronica Lightburn

Veronica dreamed of branching out into a new career but she didn’t know to make her dream a reality. Fortunately, her partner told her about Goodwill’s Technology Career Program (TCP) and encouraged her to apply. With very little tech experience, she thought there was no way she would be accepted into the program. Unbeknowst to her, the purpose of Goodwill’s program is to work with individuals at all levels, from those with limited and basic skills to those with advanced skills and experience.

Veronica was accepted into the program! Through her classes, Veronica learned SCRUM, how to code and ServiceNow. She even placed third place in her class’s coding competition! Best of all, after completing the program, Veronica was offered a full-time job at Accenture.

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Clean out the garage. Free up a little closet space. Make room for a new living room suit. When you donate gently-used items from your home, you help us put people to work.

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Everyone knows that finding a job in this market is challenging. For that matter, when you’re looking for work in these unique times, any market is challenging. Goodwill is here to help.

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Do you have excellent customer service skills? Or are you a great presenter? Maybe you work well with diverse groups. We encourage you to improve the community by donating your time.

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