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Everyone knows that finding a job in this market is challenging. For that matter, when you’re looking for work in these unique times, any market is challenging. Goodwill is here to help. Our Career Centers are free and open to the public and offer a broad range of support options, including job search resources, computers, tips, leads, and more.

Visit our calendar to learn more about the free training opportunities we provide. 

You may also be eligible for one of our training and employment programs.

We offer a number of training programs designed to give you an edge. Goodwill provides programs and services to build soft skills, develop entry-level skills, improve marketability by identifying your strengths, and help you improve in areas where you may need development.

Once you successfully complete one of our training programs, we’re there to assist with job placement and retention services. Our strong employment team and partnerships with local businesses, labor organizations, workforce development institutions, faith and community-based organizations, colleges, and trade schools provide the competitive edge for job seekers.

Even though some of these programs have eligibility requirements, one might be right for you. We will try to help you meet the requirements. And we have programs to help you start your own business.

Happy Holidays! 
We will be observing holiday hours at our stores, donation centers and career centers. Please make note of the changes so you can plan accordingly for your donation, shopping and career center needs!   
Stores and Donation Centers:
Christmas Eve: Saturday, December 24 – Open 9am-6pm 
Christmas Day: Sunday, December 25 – Closed 
New Year’s Eve: Saturday, December 31 – Open 9am-6pm 
New Year’s Day: Sunday, January 1 – Open Regular Business Hours 

Career Centers:
Wednesday, December 21 – 9am - 3pm
Thursday, December 22 – 9am - 3pm
Friday, December 23 – Closed
Saturday, December 24 – Closed

Christmas Day: Sunday, December 25 – Closed
Monday, December 26 – Closed
New Year’s Eve: Saturday, December 31 – Closed
New Year’s Day: Sunday, January 1 – Closed
Monday, January 2 – Closed