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Donate Goods

Looking to make room in your living room? Or ready to channel a little space for a new TV? Maybe your closet is full with clothes you haven’t worn in years. Maybe the playroom is full of toys…and the kids are off to college. 


If so, bring them to Goodwill of North Georgia. You’ll get rid of some of that clutter in your bedroom, office, attic, or garage, and you’ll help us put people to work.


Goodwill of North Georgia accepts gently used clothing, books, furniture, computers, and all kinds of other household items. And our donation guide provides more details on what we can and can not accept. 


We’ll be happy to offer you a receipt when you drop off your donation. If you need help valuing your donations, please see the Valuation Guide on the IRS Website for a list of suggested price ranges for items commonly sold at Goodwill.