Goodwill’s Mission

The mission of Goodwill of North Georgia is to put people to work.

Goodwill Founder’s Vision

“Friends of Goodwill, be dissatisfied with your work until every person with a disability or disadvantage in your community has an opportunity to develop his fullest usefulness and enjoy a maximum of abundant living”.
-Reverend Edgar J. Helms

Goodwill’s Values

  • Service:  We exist to serve our communities and to put people to work.
  • Excellence:  We challenge ourselves to continually grow, learn and improve.
  • Ethics:  We are good stewards of all that is entrusted to us.
  • Diversity:  We embrace diversity and respect all people in our organization and in our communities.
  • Safety:  We put safety first in all we do.
  • Accountability:  We hold ourselves and each other accountable to our core values.

Goodwill of North Georgia Corporate Responsibility Statement

Goodwill of North Georgia has a long-standing commitment to responsible management, which we believe is fundamental to our mission impact and long-term sustainability. We conduct our businesses in a way that emphasizes good governance, operational integrity, ethics and respect for our employees, our community and the environment. Our aim is to act responsibly in everything that we do, and we believe that achieving our mission results from an emphasis on customer, donor and jobseeker satisfaction; the development and support of our employees; and impact in the communities in which we operate and serve. This Corporate Responsibility Statement reflects the core values of service, excellence, ethics, diversity safety and accountability that have guided us and will continue to guide us in conducting the activities of Goodwill of North Georgia and Goodwill Industries of North Georgia.

We carry out our corporate responsibility in the following ways:

  • We equip individuals with employable skills through our job training programs and employment services.
  • We employ individuals with different abilities and barriers to employment, and advocate for the opportunities for them with local employers.
  • We support employee engagement through various initiatives, CEO breakfasts, team member town halls as well as activities that promote fun at work and focus diversity and inclusion.
  • We are good stewards of the items donated to us. In addition to the gently used items sold in our stores, we divert 51,317,208 lbs. of clothing, household goods and e-waste from area landfills each year.
  • We provide good, quality items for sale at bargain prices to communities across North Georgia.
  • We are committed to moving the conversation forward on income inequality and economic mobility.
  • We will maintain our commitment towards diversity and inclusion.

We are making a positive impact on the environment by utilizing eco-friendly products and processes in the maintenance of many of our locations and the facilities where we operate as contractors