Where do you see yourself in retirement? Many of us would be happy to simply be in good health and have some adorable grandkids who don’t mind our tales of the past, but not Marcus Morris Sr. At the youthful age of 95, Marc is not only an avid Goodwill shopper and donor, but he is also a pillar in his community. 

Marcus Morris Sr. was born on May 4, 1925 and is a true Atlanta native. As a young boy, Marc contracted Scarlet Fever from a sibling which resulted in permanent damage to his hearing. This would ultimately stand in the way of him serving in World War II, but it did little to dampen his passion for traveling. Marc has since visited all 50 states and another 37 plus countries, always making it an effort to go for a light jog whenever possible.

“I shuffle a little bit, but I’m still able to walk a mile or two a day” jokingly shares Marc, and although he has had the unique pleasure of jogging along the Nile River, among many other stunning places, Marc has found a new exercise destination: his local Goodwill.

“The shopping cart helps me move a little faster, so I’d often do two or three laps around the store before I start shopping” Marc admits.

He has been a lifelong supporter of Goodwill of North Georgia. However, a recent discovery at a local store has allowed him to do his very own goodwill in his community.

You see Marc has a good friend by the name of Rev. Donald Lockhart who is the pastor at First Christ Cares Church in Ellenwood, Georgia. They have a ministry for the homeless where they help clothe and feed them, especially during winter months. Marc has long supported this ministry by donating his own gently used clothes, but after learning of 99 Cent Mondays at Goodwill, he was able to take his support to a new level.

Marcus Morris Sr. at the Buckhead Goodwill store

“I saw this sign (while shopping) that read 99 Cents and I said ‘My goodness, let me see what I can find for Don.’ So I started looking and I ended up with over 40 pairs of pants!” He continues on to say “They’re going to see me every Monday up here so I can keep Don’s stock up.”

The giving doesn’t stop there. Marc is recently widowed after losing his wife last year who happened to be a passionate collector; frequently returning home from her travels with collectibles to decorate their 14-room home in South DeKalb. Fifty five years after originally moving into their home, Marc is now in the process of moving out and thanks to the kindness of his daughter, Margot Morris Dawkins, Goodwill is the proud recipient of his late wife’s treasures.

“Margot started bringing so much because it’s so convenient” shared Marc.

The convenience of donating and the kindness of the staff are just a few reasons why the Morris family keeps coming back to Goodwill. If you ask Marc’s son, Marc Jr., he’ll tell you:

“It’s a fun way to spend some time actually because it’s a treasure hunt, you never know what you’re going to find. But you also know that when you buy things at Goodwill, you’re actually doing goodwill! You’re doing good for the community, and that’s a nice feeling.”

Marcus Morris Sr. and Marcus Morris Jr. outside of Buckhead store

You too can help support our mission by donating cash, your gently used belongings or by simply coming in store to shop our treasures! In addition to our $.99 Mondays promotion, Goodwill of North Georgia offers a senior discount of 25% off every Tuesday for all items purchased (excluding new goods) and 50% off a different colored tag every week!

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