Have you ever turned down an interview because you didn’t think you would be interested in the job? It seems like the logical, and perhaps even the respectful thing to do, right? Accepting such interviews can be a good idea, even when that little voice in your head tells you not to waste your time. Why, you ask?

The first reason is to get practice. Interviewing is a notoriously stressful experience. The more you do it, the better you will become. You’ll be well prepared for the standard questions and won’t have an awkward pause as you rack your brain trying to come up with your greatest weakness. There’s a good chance you’ll encounter questions you’ve never had before, which can also help you to better articulate the value you bring. As a bonus, this exercise can also assist as you develop your own interviewing questions.

If you have been with your firm for a long time, exploring other options via interviewing can make a powerful statement. In terms of personal growth, you’ll gain confidence by knowing that other companies are interested in what you have to offer. In the appropriate circumstances, even the act of taking an interview can spur your employer into giving you a raise or other non-monetary considerations.

Finally, there’s always the chance that a job you weren’t sure about could be the perfect fit. It is challenging for companies to fully communicate their culture and values on paper. As you encounter the physical environment and the people within, you just might find that the place feels right.

So, take the interview. As noted author, Tom Peters says, “If a window of opportunity opens, don’t pull down the shade.”