Meet Dell McKinney, our vice president of donor services. For one full week, he had the opportunity to be “on the ground” with front line staff. Throughout the week, he trained in each work area of our retail store and interacted firsthand with the team members.

Day 1: Buckhead Store

Turning donations into dollars is just what Dell McKinney had the opportunity to do. Upon joining the Goodwill team nearly three months ago, McKinney was eager to connect with the team. He knew that in order to do that, getting the opportunity to be “on the ground” was important to make that connection. He started his journey at the Buckhead store, where he worked the donor door and in the books department.

Day 2: Stockbridge Store

“I am a people first leader” says Dell McKinney. Getting the opportunity to connect with the team has been an absolute pleasure! The Stockbridge team shared a very consistent consensus of pleasure around appreciating the changes they are seeing in the organization and continued appreciation of the benefits offered with Goodwill,” he says. McKinney is enthusiastic about learning and growing within Goodwill. He hopes to incorporate that enthusiasm into Goodwill’s staff. “I want to make the continued connection of happiness to wear the smiling G. McKinney’s visit to the Stockbridge store focused on wares, shoes and miscellaneous RTW (ready to wear).

Day 3: Bells Ferry Store

More connections and more learning took place on McKinney’s third day of on the ground training. Getting to the know teams on a personal level has been very important to McKinney.  He has not only listened to the teams, but he has also taken time to connect with them personally. He believes that you can take great care of people and also run a great business. Through his visits, McKinney has been able to understand how is he able to help improve the overall business. He says “When you love what you do, you will continue to do it!”. His visit to the Bells Ferry store focused on linens, furniture and electronics.

Day 4: Tucker Store

McKinney wrapped up his four-day training tour at Goodwill’s Tucker store. At this stop, he officially earned a Payment Card Industry (PCI) certificate. “Thank you to the Tucker management team, led by Dwayne Wilson for the energy and excitement to host training. Thank you to the Tucker staff for the engagement and questions,” says McKinney. While at the Tucker store, McKinney focused on men’s and women’s clothing and cashier training.