It’s a treasure hunt every time you shop at a Goodwill Store.

“Wow, this isn’t what I was expecting at all!”
“This looks like it’s never been worn!”

In our stores, we hear exclamations like these all the time. The fact is people are delightfully surprised when they visit a Goodwill store for the first time. Why? Because you just never know what you might find. It’s like a treasure hunt. One collector told us that he uncovered a rare DVD set for a fraction of the price it sells for on eBay. Another treasure hunter bought a gorgeous carpet for just a few hundred dollars. That rug was actually worth a few thousand!

“I can’t believe how nice this store is!”
“Look at these treasures!”
“This looks brand new!”

Whether you’re looking for a nice pair of shoes, a unique vase, a good book, the perfect piece of used furniture, or what will become your favorite shirt, you won’t believe the quality and the bargains you’ll find at your local Goodwill Store.

Our stores are brightly lit, clean, and staffed with friendly people who are proud to be making a difference. If you’re a first time shopper, you’ll find something else very unique. All second hand clothing is arranged by color rather than by size. Feeling blue about a dress or looking for a smart gray jacket? You’ll know right where to go!

You’ll find quality used goods at bargain prices at Goodwill. We’re busy every day stocking our stores with great items. And because we receive thousands of donated goods daily, there’s always something different. We constantly rotate inventory. So every time you stop into a Goodwill location, there’s something new in store for you!