Goodwill Trainer Ann D. CooperMeet Ann D. Cooper

When I came to Goodwill in 1989, I planned on staying with the company for about three years. I was at a place in my life where I was emotionally exhausted, but the nurturing nature of my co-workers helped me regroup and played a major role in my three years turning into more than two decades. Another factor that caused me to stay with Goodwill for so long is that the agency changed and grew so often I never had a chance to get bored – every few years I felt like I was starting a new job all over again. I started off teaching office and computers skills to Goodwill’s trainees so that they could go out and find jobs.

My role, at Goodwill, has evolved and I now train employees. Some of the classes I teach include computer skills, diversity awareness and disability awareness. Whether I’m training Goodwill employees or members of the community who come to Goodwill for training, I enjoy the thrill of teaching. I love to see people who may have a challenge, find ways to overcome them through training.

Goodwill presents learning opportunities not found in the average workplace. If you are flexible and willing to learn, the sky is the limit here