Goodwill Success Diarra DavisDiarra Davis

Out-going, positive, and celebrating more than a full year as a marketing specialist for Handy Ace Hardware, Diarra Davis is the picture of success. An onlooker would never guess there was a time in Diarra’s life when he was in and out of legal trouble, had a suspended driver’s license and was unable to find steady work. But with support from Goodwill of North Georgia, Diarra made the right moves to get back on his game.

Diarra was referred to GoodTransitions at Goodwill by the Georgia Fatherhood Program. He knew he wanted to pursue a career in the marketing field, and while he was in the program he obtained the support he needed to move forward. “Being able to benefit from shared experiences from other [Goodwill] participants was really motivating,” he says. “We shared a lot of support and encouragement for each other, and my case managers believed in me.”

Finally happy with where he is, Diarra’s future goals include further honing his skills and moving up in the company. “Here’s the face of GoodTransitions,” says Valerie Johnson, GoodTransitions program manager. “He’s an example of what can happen if you hang in there and if you take advantage of your resources. He learned how to be a problem solver himself.”