MARTA and Goodwill Collaborative EventMARTA

Community partners work with Goodwill in a number of different ways to help job seekers improve their employability and find work. MARTA is able to serve as one of the organization’s community training sites, where Goodwill’s program participants get an opportunity to train on-site with a local employer as they prepare to enter the workforce in a related field.

One of the successes of this type of partnership is employers reap the benefits of the work the program participants put in while undergoing training. Alternatively, participants received on-the-job experience, including hands-on customer service training, vocational training and feedback from local employers.

“There are a lot of people that maybe come to [Goodwill] that might have fallen on some tough times that really have some good, strong skills and they just need to be given another opportunity to get back into the working world,” says Roxanne Antone, recruiting branch manager at MARTA. “Employers should give them that opportunity to prove themselves.”

Through collaborative efforts with MARTA and other local companies, Goodwill is able to position its participants to show employers they are ready and willing to work.