Goodwill Success Henry MooreMeet Henry Moore

Over a year ago, I found myself unemployed. My skills in construction and demolition cleanup were obsolete. In desperate need of help, I turned to the Veterans Administration for help. Counselors there suggested that I seek out skills training at Goodwill of North Georgia. At the time, I knew that Goodwill operated stores, but I had no idea what took place behind the scenes!

I enrolled in the Floor Technician/Custodial training program which trains people in advanced cleaning techniques and teaches people how to clean and maintain all kinds of flooring, from carpeting to tile to hardwood and more. During the process, I’ve learned that something I thought was a waste of time, can make a huge difference to someone else. I remember the day I attended Goodwill’s Northwest graduation ceremony for people who completed one of its training programs.

I am now a certified Floor Technician and so happy that I went from being unemployed to having two jobs. It feels good to have overcome my obstacles. I recommend Goodwill to others because no matter what your employment challenges are, they can help.