Goodwill Success Kristanecia KingMeet Kristanecia King

When I graduated from Georgia State University, I was excited about landing my first job. I soon learned that finding a job in this economy would not be as easy as I expected. Goodwill Connection Counselors at the Georgia Department of Labor suggested that I consider entering the Work Evaluation program through Goodwill Industries. I was puzzled. “Isn’t Goodwill a thrift store?

I quickly learned that Goodwill has so much to offer people with disabilities like herself. Goodwill evaluates your skill level to find out what you are good at. I received training at the Pleasant Hill Goodwill store and I saw employees behind the scenes working diligently to accept and process items for purchase.

When people shop at Goodwill, the company offers them quality items at a low price; in return, people like me have an opportunity to receive training and find work!

I recently found a job as a vocal coach. Not only am I happy to be working, but I am happy to be doing something that I love and am skilled at. I have even had an opportunity to showcase my vocal skills at Goodwill’s 2011 Northwest graduation. Some people don’t want a handout, they want a hand up, and I am one of those people.