Robby Harmon At Fire & Flavor FactoryMeet Robby Harmon

Background Information

I had jobs before turning to Goodwill for job-search assistance, but they weren’t consistent. They didn’t always provide a full 40-hour workweek and they didn’t always last long.

Turning to Goodwill

I was referred to Goodwill’s Work Adjustment program for help. As part of the training, I received hands-on training at Fire & Flavor. Davis Knox founded Georgia-based Fire & Flavor with his wife, Gena, in 2003. Their product line includes grilling planks, grilling papers, skewers, rubs, and brines.

About five years ago, Fire & Flavor became a training site for Goodwill of North Georgia. Participants in Goodwill’s Work Adjustment program like me go to the Fire & Flavor facility to receive hands-on training. The Goodwill participants work the same amount of hours and do the same work as the regular staff. I was trained in the shipping department and in the distribution line. I gained experience working with a team, getting to work on time, following directions, taking initiative, along with the many other hard and soft skills necessary in the workplace.

In the Work Adjustment program, I learned about work ethic, getting to work on time and having a positive attitude. The program is good for people with a disability like me because sometimes it’s harder for us to find work.

Goodwill’s Role During the Process

Goodwill has a job coach available to help coach the participants while at the work site. And once the participant is hired, Goodwill continues to provide guidance and support. If any issues arise, they continue to coach the participants to ensure good retention.

Building a Better Life

While I was still in the training program and the Fire & Flavor staff noticed my hard work. In no time flat, they hired me! So, I had virtually no job-searching to do once I completed Goodwill’s program. I have been working with Fire & Flavor for years. I spent most of my time working on the assembly/packaging line with a team bundling items up for sale. In the photo, I am working with grilling planks, bundling them up in sets to be shrink-wrapped.

One of the blessings of my job is that I can now better provide for my daughter.