Are you a person with a disability? Do you need help finding and keeping a job?

You may be eligible for our Workforce Development Program!

Goodwill’s Workforce Development Program offers a progressive training method to prepare people with disabilities for competitive employment. Services include an evaluation of work-related skills, work experience and training in a competitive work setting in Goodwill stores and community internship sites, vocational evaluations, job readiness skills, job placement for people with disabilities, and retention services.

Vocational Evaluation

The first step is an interview to identify your hopes, goals, and interests. A comprehensive assessment and identification of vocational strengths and needs will help match you with an ideal career path. The assessment includes a determination of general learning ability, verbal and numerical aptitudes, current academic skills, sensory discrimination, memory function, spatial relations, clerical discrimination, numerical concepts, tactile discrimination, auditory and visual processing, motor skills, and occupational interests and preferences.

Work Evaluation

This program provides a 10- to 30-day on-the-job assessment, including attendance, punctuality, work quality and quantity, supervisor and co-worker relations, stamina, flexibility, conformation to rules, communication, decision-making skills, and initiative.

Community-Based Work Adjustment Training

Program components include:

  • Orientation to workplace expectations
  • Maintaining positive attitudes and behaviors
  • Building a successful resume and practicing for interviews
  • Providing work experience and opportunities to explore employment options
  • Information about job retention and career advancement

Job-seekers with a documented disability. Most program participants are referred through Georgia Department of Labor, Veterans Administration, school systems, or through private insurance or private pay.

All Career Services locations

To apply:
Contact your local Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Services, or US Department of Veteran Affairs-Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Services or visit your local Goodwill Career Center.