While, your overwhelming generosity has made it necessary for us to temporarily suspend accepting donations, we know many of you are still inspired to clear out while we’re all practicing social distancing. So, we thought we’d give you a few tips on storing up those donations while you wait for our stores and donation centers to reopen.  

Tips for Storing Donations  

  1. Create a donation station. Reuse boxes from things you are having delivered to your home to make your donation station and store all of your gently used items for a future drop off. Consider creating one for each member of the family. 
  2. Make it fun! Challenge your kids to fill a box over the course of a week. The kid with the most items in the box wins a fun prize. 
  3. Take a picture and challenge your friends to declutter. Use #forgoodwill and post a picture of your family’s stored donation and post to social media.  

Until we can reopen, if you’d like to support our mission, please consider making a financial contribution as we help the thousands of North Georgians who have recently found themselves out of work. You can also make your treasure hunt virtual and shop online with us.