April Standridge at Goodwill Career Center In CorneliaMeet April Standridge

When Christopher Standrige transitioned to The United States Army Reserve, he and his wife, April, had to look for new jobs to replace the military support they relied on for fourteen years.

“It was terrifying for me when we got out of the military,” says April Standridge. “I didn’t know what I’d be able to do with my skills and education level.” She went to Goodwill’s career center in Cornelia and learned the new, co-located store at the site was hiring. Hiring managers saw her potential and welcomed her to Goodwill’s donor services department. When Standridge’s husband was still looking for work she encouraged him to consider the career center as well. At the center Standridge learned how to translate his military skills to a résumé and landed a job as a mechanic at Custom Combat Trucks.

Grateful for Goodwill’s role in their lives, the Standridges refer other local job seekers to consider the career center for assistance.