Goodwill's Calmer Kentle Using Sign LanguageMeet Calmer Kentle

Legally deaf since birth, Calmer Kentle is no stranger to the sound of silence. She has found many ways to work around this challenge, including sign language, writing and – when available – even technology. Still, when it came to finding work she sought the help of Vocational Rehabilitation to help her navigate the job market and find the right fit.

“I was referred to Goodwill by my V.R. counselor who is actually deaf as well,” Kentle says. “She thought that it would be a good place for me, so I went to a Goodwill training center to get some
work experience.”

A fast learner, Kentle picked up the skills in her training very quickly. In only 10 days she completed the requirements she needed to complete Goodwill’s work evaluation training program and start looking for full-time work. Her job search was the part of the process that slowed Kentle down. She had the intrinsic motivation and work ethic to stand out for any employer, but despite completing numerous applications and following job leads, it took several months for her to find a job.

“The hotels I contacted seemed to not want to hire me because I was deaf,” she says. “At that point Goodwill assisted me on my search and I just had to be patient.”

Kentle’s patience was rewarded. A five-star senior living facility named Cameron Hall had an opening in its housekeeping department. It was in Canton, just like Kentle was hoping, and when she applied to the position her Cameron Hall contact agreed to look into working with a deaf employee.

After completing her new hire training in record time, it was clear Kentle was a perfect match for the job. Employed at Cameron Hall since March 2013, she is still excelling in her position.

“It’s been a fabulous experience,” she says. “I enjoy my work.”