After finishing high school, Brandon was feeling stuck. He was motivated to work but struggled to find a job that kept his interest. As a result, he bounced around to a few jobs without much longevity or enjoyment. All of that changed once Brandon was referred to Goodwill from the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA). 

Once Brandon realized that his options for work were plentiful and that he just needed some additional training and support, he really took off. He completed a Work Evaluation Training program followed by a Community Work Adjustment Training program and demonstrated his dedication and commitment along the way. He took his training seriously and his instructors noticed his effort – he completed his assignments, followed directions and worked hard, jumping in to help where needed. 

Brandon’s efforts were noticed by the management team at the Goodwill Dawsonville store, where he was training, and he jumped at the opportunity when offered an interview. Using what he learned throughout training, Brandon interviewed well and was offered a job in the store – exactly what he was hoping for. 

“I really enjoy and love my job, and I feel like it’s a great fit for my skills,” said Brandon. “I’m so thankful to Goodwill for their help and support.” 

Brandon has now been at his job for several months and continues to thrive. He’s proud to be part of Goodwill’s mission to put people to work.