David Weekley’s experience with Goodwill of North Georgia dates back to his teenage years, when the agency was located on Glenwood Avenue in Atlanta. While in high school, he participated in the Ready2Work program and then returned to Goodwill in February 2009 after being referred by the Georgia Department of Labor.

David enrolled in the work adjustment program and spent several months working in the store. His motivation, reliability, and dependability were noticed by his supervisor, who suggested that David consider applying for a position in Goodwill’s Facility Services division.

Honored that his work was appreciated, David submitted his application for a cleaning position at the U.S. Court of Appeals in September 2009. Since the role would be performed in a federal building, the hiring process was lengthy. Once David joined the team, he was assigned to trash pickup, performing so well that additional custodial duties were added. David recalls that the biggest change was the heavier workload than he had experienced while working in the store.

After several years as a part-time employee, David again demonstrated his commitment to the team by swapping roles with a full-time colleague who needed to move to a part-time role. In doing so, David ensured that the building would be properly staffed during the day.

A native of Stone Mountain, David uses MARTA to get to work each day, passing the time by listening to music. He enjoys his work at Goodwill, especially the ability to work at a pace comfortable for him. His supervisor, Bobby Smith, has worked with David for two-and-a-half years and relies heavily on him. “He’s my #1 go-to man. I can always count on him,” Bobby enthuses.