Drosos Galouzis

Lawrenceville resident Drosos Galouzis was working in a restaurant but was eager for a new career. He could not see himself growing in the restaurant business, especially when his brother, a truck driver, kept sharing all the great benefits of working in that industry. Drosos began to dream of working in logistics at a supply chain, trucking, or even a Fortune 500 company. 

To achieve this dream, Drosos knew he needed to pursue a training program that would provide him with experience and a credential upon completion. He was delighted to find that he would be eligible for Goodwill’s program thanks to funding provided by the Department of Labor’s WORC grant. 

Drosos enrolled in the Supply Chain Logistics program at Goodwill’s Pleasant Hill Career Center and began his coursework in October 2020. He started out strong and kept the momentum for the duration of the program, often arriving early and staying late to get extra feedback from instructors. His work ethic also impressed the Georgia Perimeter Technical College instructors, who were grateful for the leadership and support he provided to his peers. Drosos’ determination served him well – he was the only member of his class to pass the CDL on the first attempt. 

Drosos completed the program in January 2021 and earned supply chain and OSHA10 certifications, along with a CDL-A license. Having begun his job search while still in program, and owing to his excellent networking skills, Drosos had several offers to consider. Goodwill’s Pleasant Hill staff joked that the computer lab had become Drosos’ private office, as he was a frequent visitor to the site. He even caught the attention of Goodwill E-Commerce division, who were hoping he would join their team. 

After considering his options, Drosos accepted an offer from Schneider Trucking. He joined the company on February 8th as an over-the-road hazmat driver. During his 30-day retention call, he thanked everyone at Goodwill for making this opportunity happen for him. He’s enjoying his new job and looks forward to building a career in this industry.