joshua ellis

Joshua, a high-school junior, initially visited Goodwill due to his interest in the Welding Program. 

While excited for the welding program, Joshua’s mother and Goodwill Training Manager thought that participating in the This Way ONward Program (TWO), an 8-week paid internship program that focuses on targeting youth and young adults might be a be a wonderful way for Joshua to gain first job experience until he was able to participate in the welding program. 

Shortly after his completion of the TWO program, Joshua was able to successfully acquire an internship at Old Navy where he then impressed his supervisor with his work ethic and punctuality which ultimately led to him being offered a full-time position in the summer as a full-time staff member.

During Joshua’s employment, Joshua was responsible for stocking and merchandising the sales floor and was noticed for his diligence and punctuality. While at times being faced with adversity regarding completion of tasks, Joshua was able to receive assistance from his Career Pathways Coach, Cassandra Wimberly and employer at Old Navy order to make sure that he stayed successful on the job.

Now, Joshua has surpassed his 90-day milestone at Old-Navy and enjoys the camaraderie among his coworkers and colleagues and would like to stay with the company for as long as he can.