In April 2021, Maxson Smith’s Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation  Agency (GVRA) counselor referred him to Goodwill’s Woodstock Career Center. At 22 years old, he wanted to overcome his challenges and join the workforce.

Maxson met with the Goodwill team and decided to enroll in the Community Work Adjustment Training (CWAT) program. At first, Maxon experienced challenges in meeting the program’s requirements. With the help of his instructors, he learned the importance of being punctual and maintaining good attendance. When transportation issues arose, Maxon received Lyft codes to allow him to continue his training.

Over time, he developed more physical stamina and his work quality improved. As he progressed through the CWAT course, he became better at communicating and decision making. Finally, he mastered completing job applications and interviewing skills.

Maxson concluded his training in the late summer and began looking for a job. In October, he was hired by Chick-fil-A in Acworth. As a part-time crew member, he earns $13 per hour. His initial duties involved unloading the trucks, stocking the shelves, and some kitchen prep. Before long, Maxon was performing so well that he was moved to the dining room, where he enjoys greeting guests. He takes great pride in managing the appearance and cleanliness of the guests’ area.

With one year of employment approaching, Maxon says he enjoys his work at Chick-fil-A and is grateful for all he learned at Goodwill.